Ingredient Bin 65 litres – rotoXM15

Ingredient Bin 65 litres – rotoXM15

  • External dimensions: 600 x 355 x 714mm (L x W x H )
  • Pallet quantity: 20
  • Volume capacity: 65 Litres
  • Weight capacity: 30KG
  • Internal dimensions: 535 x 275 x 560mm (L x W x H)
  • Model Reference: RM15TR
  • Material: Polyethylene (MDPE)
  • Food grade: Yes
£120.00 £100.00
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  • Buy 26 for £90.00 £75.00 each and save 25%

The rotoXM15 food ingredient bin is a moulded polyethylene plastic, food grade storage bin with a capacity of 65 litres and is ideal for storing dry food stuffs and food ingredients such as flours, salt, sugar and rices. It is a popular choice within commercial and plant bakeries, food manufacturing and processing, hotel and restaurant kitchens and the general hospitality trade.

The RotoXM15 ingredient bin is supplied as standard with four x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels for easy manoeuvrability and has a drop-on plastic lid incorporating as standard, a food approved PETG clear plastic shatter proof flap enabling the contents to be accessed easily. As an alternative, a stainless steel flap in lieu of the plastic flap can be supplied.

This ingredient bin is designed to fit under standard height tables to ensure that space is utilised efficiently. To assist with product identification we can supply a full labelling facility and where colour coding may be important this mobile ingredient bin can be supplied in a wide range of colours including yellow, white/natural, blue, red, green, orange, purple, brown, black, dark yellow, light green and pink.

For more information on this ingredient bin please feel free to download the attached PDF specification, contact our sales team or continue reading below...

Mobile ingredient bins & dry food dispensers

An ideal ingredient storage bin for use in areas where space is at a premium. These mobile food ingredient bins offer an ideal solution for the storage and dispense of food ingredients and food produce, powders or even small components due to their sleek and narrow design. Able to easily fit within a small space or nestle under a workstation or table top these ingredient dispensers offer an amazing dry food storage solution without taking up essential space. Equipped with a drop-on plastic lid and a clear plastic flap the contents of the ingredient bins are easily accessed allowing you to quickly and efficiently dispense stored ingredients or materials. The plastic containers themselves are designed to incorporate a seamless and smooth interior, free from dirt traps and crevices. This hygienic design allows the food ingredient bins to be used as flour bins and dough storage bins, preventing any food products or ingredients from becoming trapped and enabling them to be easily cleaned.

The clear food approved PETG plastic flap that is supplied with the rotoXM15 ingredient bins can be upgraded to a stainless steel version to further enhance its hygienic attributes. The food ingredient storage bin is produced from an incredibly strong and durable food grade polyethylene, which of course makes them ideal for storing food products as you can adhere to food safety and food handling regulations. Rotationally moulded to ensure increased durability, the mobile ingredient dispenser is well equipped for use in demanding environments and has become a popular choice within food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality; and the bakery industry. Industrial bakery plants often refer to these large flour bins as bakery ingredient bins, storing bulk amounts of ingredients for production. To assist with clearly identifying different food ingredients, Fletcher European offer a bespoke adhesive labelling service for our range of food ingredient containers, ingredient bins and ingredient dispensers. Feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

Why buy Ingredient Bins 65 litres – rotoXM15?

  • Easy to clean dry food storage – The rotoXM15 ingredient bin has a seamless and smooth interior, free from any dirt traps or crevices. This attribute allows the food ingredient storage bin to be successfully and straight forwardly cleaned and maintained. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene this piece of ingredient dispense equipment is very hygienic. Often used for the bulk storage of flour or dough, referred to as flour and dough storage bins, the ingredient bins ability to be easily cleaned helps to prevent any excess food products from being lodged within any crevices.
  • Perfect for colour coding – The rotoXM15 flour storage bins can be supplied in a huge range of food approved colours. Helping to assist with colour coding, product and ingredient identification and separation the colour coded ingredient bins are a popular choice for the food manufacturing and catering industries, used throughout commercial kitchens, bakeries, food factories, hotels, restaurants and many more food related environments.
  • Space saving bulk ingredient storage – Designed to hold a 25kg bag of flour or an equivalent capacity of other food ingredients the rotoXM15 ingredient bins are ideal for bulk food storage. The sleek design of the flour storage containers allows them to be stored tidily under stainless steel tables or work benches, making them an ideal piece of food and ingredient storage equipment within food preparation environments. These food grade bins are available in 3 different sizes, offering different capacities to help cater for your dry food storage requirements.
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