Rotational Moulding Manufacturer

Proud British Manufacturer of Rotational Moulding Products

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the rotomoulding field, Fletcher European Containers prides itself on producing top quality plastic products, supplied direct from our factory at the best possible prices mainly for the food industry but also for the catering & hospitality trades and the chemical dosing tanks industry.  Our factory is based in the town of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, ideally located to supply all areas of the UK and beyond.  We manufacture our own range of plastic material handling equipment using the rotational moulding process and our range includes commonly known products such as plastic dollies, plastic container trucks, tapered trucks, moulded plastic tanks, plastic tapered bins, plastic stacking boxes, trays and containers, food ingredient bins, food ingredient tubs and trucks and food ingredient dispensers.

ISO AccreditationISO9001

Product quality is of paramount importance to us and our customers and with full control over the production process we follow strict quality procedures. All the products we produce are manufactured to the highest possible standards. In 2017 we achieved the ISO9001, an accreditation certified by the British Assessment Bureau that recognises our commitment to quality, service and continuous improvement. The ISO9001:2015 is a prestigious award, which we have earned by ensuring that the needs of our customers are met whilst making sure that our products meet the neccessary statutory and regulatory requirements.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ISO9001 we actively welcome all customer feedback surrounding the products and services that we provide. The quality system is used throughout the core of the business, from the heights of management through to each and every aspect of what we do. We pride ourselves on working with nominated component and product suppliers who share our values to achieve high levels of customer service and commitment. 

Further more, in our ongoing efforts to provide continuing improvement, we ensure that all of our team are regularly trained with the skills and expertise required to maintain and exceed the premium levels of service that you have come to expect. As product manufacturers we have a dedicated factory team regularly reviewing product quality with an ethos to only provide products of an impeccable standard.

In line with the standard, Fletcher European Containers Ltd consistantly looks to offer a complete end to end service. From intial enquiry to quoting, through to product realisation and delivery, constantly working in accordance with our strict quality assurance procedures. We are committed to service and will actively review any circumstances where expectations have not been met.   

Rotational Moulding Manufacturer

The production process we use is “rotational moulding”, a thermoplastic moulding process that lends itself well to producing durable and tough plastic products. In principle the process itself is fairly simple and works by filling a steel or aluminium mould with raw material in the form of powder.  The mould is then continuously rotated through two axis whilst heated to around 300 degrees.  The heat causes the powder to melt and the rotation enables it to flow around the mould taking the shape of the end product. 
When the cooking cycle is complete the mould is removed from the oven, still rotating, and gradually cooled.  As it cools the material solidifies forming the end product, which can then be removed from the mould.  The gradual and non-pressuiresd nature of the process puts very little stress on the material.  As a result the final mouldings are very strong, ideally suited to challenging conditions such as industrial environments. 

Contract Rotational Moulding

The majority of the products we produce are our own proprietary range of plastic container trucks, bottle skips, plastic dollies, plastic inter stacking bins, moulded plastic tanks, plastic lockers, food ingredient storage bins and food ingredient dispensers.  However we do also offer a contract moulding service, offering our expertise to assist in the design, mould production and manufacture of products on behalf of a client.  If you are developing a product that needs to be rotationally moulded or have an idea for a new product, please contact us and we may be able to work together. We are specialists in all aspects of rotational moulding design.