Food Handling Containers

Food Handling Containers

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a wide range of food grade, plastic food handling containers including mobile ingredient bins and tubs, ingredient trucks and  dispensers, plastic troughs, plastic dollies and food storage containers on wheels to assist with food and ingredient storage, segregation and handling applications. Whether you are storing fish, meat, poultry, raw vegetables and produce, flours and rices we will have a container and bin for you. We know that hygienic, well organised food storage can help to not only preserve the quality and lifespan of your food products and ingredients, but it can also help to save on space. We provide a wide range of dry food dispensers and mobile ingredient bins to help you store food correctly and also cut down on waste.

Our food ingredient containers are perfect for the storage and handling of dry foods and ingredients such as flour, sugar, grains and cereals, keeping them protected from air and moisture and helping to extend their shelf life and reduce any waste. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene our plastic food ingredient containers and ingredient dispensers are widely used within many sectors of the food industry including food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, meat processing and the bakery industry; used throughout food factories, commercial kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, hotels and many more.

Food Ingredient Bins & Ingredient Dispensers

Ingredient bins and ingredient dispensers are an ideal solution for storing and preserving dry foods and ingredients. Helping to preserve the quality of your food ingredients our selection of mobile ingredient bins and dry food ingredient dispensers are all manufactured from food grade polyethylene. Produced using a rotational moulding process we ensure that the food storage containers are seamless, free from crevices and incredibly durable. Easily cleaned, all of our ingredient storage equipment proves to be extremely hygienic and well suited for handling and storing food products and ingredients. To assist with colour coding, product identification and separation all of our mobile ingredient dispensers and ingredient bins are available in over 12 food approved colours.

Mobile ingredient bins

Supplied as standard with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels these ingredient storage bins are designed to provide under table bulk storage for ingredients and dry foods. The mobile ingredients dispensers are easily manoeuvred and are available in 3 different sizes to suit a range of different requirements. Equipped with shatter-proof, PETG clear plastic flaps the ingredients bins are incredibly easy to fill and dispense from; and the plastic flap can be upgraded to a stainless steel flap if required. Perfect for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, grains and cereals in bulk quantities, these mobile ingredient bins have a crevice free design and are seamless and watertight.

Ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries, hotels and restaurants these dry food dispensers can hold varying amounts of food ingredients. As a rough guide the rotoXM15 can hold 1 x 25kg bag of flour, the rotoXM20 can hold 2 x 25kg and the rotoXM35 can hold 3 x 25kg bags of flours, making them ideal flour bins. Easily accessible with plastic scoops the stored ingredients can be effortlessly dispensed when required. To assist with colour coded practices and product identification these ingredient storage containers are stocked in a huge range of food approved colours and we also offer a bespoke labelling facility; producing adhesive labels to clearly state an ingredient bins contents.

Ingredient dispensers

Alongside our mobile ingredient dispensers, Fletcher European Containers also manufacture a range of table-top ingredient dispensers. Ideal for storing dry food ingredients such as cereals, sugar, grains and dried mixed fruit these plastic ingredient dispensers are manufactured from incredibly strong and durable food grade polyethylene. Supplied as standard with a shatter-proof PETG clear plastic flap, these dry food dispensers can also be supplied with stainless steel flaps if needed.

Easy to clean the ingredient dispensers have a dirt-trap free design and consist of a single one-piece moulding that is seamless. Our mobile ingredient dispensers are available in 3 sizes including the rotoXM15, rotoXM20 and rotoXM35. Equipped with durable swivel castors these dry food dispensers can be easily positioned under standard height stainless steel tables or work benches. Our static or table-top ingredient dispensers are available in 3 sizes also.

The rotoXID8 is an ingredient dispenser with a capacity of 8 litres and is often used for dry food and ingredient storage and dispense within food preparation areas and commercial kitchens. Filled and dispensed from the front these dry food dispensers are easy to use. The rotoXID15 and rotoXID40 are plastic ingredient dispensers that flaunt larger capacities. Filled from the top and dispensed from the bottom these ingredient storage containers help to rotate dry foods, helping with ingredient quality and preservation and reducing waste.

Dry food dispensers

Bulk storage of ingredients and dry foods is key to busy and demanding food processing and food manufacturing environments. Ideal for bakeries and food factories our static ingredient bins and ingredient storage trolleys offer an industrial solution for dry food dispense and ingredient handling. Available in a range of different sizes the ingredient storage bins can be used for both ingredient storage and ingredient dispense as they are supplied complete with a plastic drop-on lid and PETG clear plastic flap.

The rotoXTK15 along with the rotoXTK20 and rotoXTK35 are static equivalents to our mobile ingredient bins, offering an ideal storage solution for bulk amounts of dry foods and ingredients. Easy to fill and dispense from these dry food dispensers are designed to be hygienic and easily cleaned. Available in a wide range of different colours to assist with colour coding, the plastic flaps can be upgraded to stainless steel if required. Stainless steel trolleys are also available to handle these dry food storage containers.

Putting bulk ingredient storage to the test, our ingredient dispenser trolleys are perfect for industrial applications. The rotoXF15 is a stainless steel trolley designed to handle 3 x rotoXTK15 ingredient dispensers. Easily handled the trolleys allow you to manoeuvre bulk quantities of ingredients safely to where they are required, it also keeps the ingredient bins up off of the floor. The rotoXF10 combines large flour bins with smaller capacity ingredient dispensers. Perfect for food preparation environments these stainless steel trolleys are designed to handle 3 x rotoXTK15 as well as 3 x rotoXID8 dry food dispensers. Lastly the rotoXF8 is a stainless steel trolley designed to handle up to 9 x rotoXID8 plastic ingredient dispensers.

Ingredient storage containers

Within the food manufacturing, food processing, meat processing and bakery industries bulk storage of food produce and dry food ingredients is imperative. A popular choice for bakeries, our ingredient storage containers, the rotoXFB are designed for handling a wide range of food products and food ingredients. Initially designed to be used as a 'fat box', for the handling of blocks of fat or lard, these plastic boxes are now widely used for food handling and ingredient storage. Available in a large range of different colours the plastic containers are supplied complete with a drop-on plastic lid and offers a secure solution for storing dry foods and ingredients.

Designed to handle 3 x rotoXFB containers the rotoXFMR is a stainless steel mobile rack that allows the plastic boxes to sit at an angle that enables them to be easily accessed, loaded and unloaded from the storage trolley. The rotoXFBR is a larger version handling up to 6 of the plastic storage containers. Incredibly hygienic, these ingredient storage containers are well suited for high care environments and food handling, proving to be long lasting, durable and easy to clean.

Plastic Inter Stacking Bins

The rotoX range of inter stacking bins includes 4 different sized plastic stacking tubs. Used throughout the food industry these food grade plastic bins have become a well-recognised food handling and food storage solution throughout industries such as food manufacturing and food processing, the bakery industry, meat processing and fish processing. Each of the 4 different sized plastic stacking containers shares an identical sized diameter allowing them to stack on top of one another, regardless of their height.

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene these plastic stacking bins are often used for ingredient handling. Produced in our UK factory using a rotational moulding process, we ensure that the ingredients bins are seamless, watertight and free from any crevices. Incredibly strong and durable the stress-free manufacturing process makes sure that the plastic inter stacking tubs are resistant to cracking and breaking. These plastic inter stacking bins are available with or without drop-on plastic lids and they can stack with or without lids in place.

Available in over 12 food approved colours, the food grade plastic containers can assist with colour coded practices and we also offer a labelling or moulded-in graphic service to assist with product identification. The 4 sizes of plastic stacking bins include the rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and rotoXT04. Each of these different sized inter stacking bins is compatible with the rotoXDSB which is a plastic dolly designed to handle the range. These plastic dollies are highly manoeuvrable and hygienic. Sieves can be moulded into the base of these food grade plastic bins and when combined with other stacking bins and our plastic dolly can be constructed into a mobile sieving unit. For more information on sieving units and these bakery tubs, please feel free to contact us.

Food Storage Containers

Available in a selection of different sizes, materials and formats our food storage containers are ideal for storing small amounts of dry and wet foods and ingredients. Perfect for commercial kitchens, domestic applications and many sectors of the catering industry these plastic storage containers provide a hygienic and food safe storage solution. The Fletcher European Containers range of food storage containers is split into 3 separate categories including polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethylene containers.

Polycarbonate food storage containers

Perfect for the storage of high risk foods, sauces, hot and cold foods and perishable goods the polycarbonate food containers prove to be incredibly robust. Available in square and round formats the polycarbonate food storage containers allow clear and ease of visibility of their contents so that stock checking is an effortless task. Each plastic container has a clear and easily read graduated measurements on their outside to allow quick inventory management. Helping to preserve the quality and lifespan of your ingredients and sauces the polycarbonate range of food storage containers is available with drop on lids or sealable covers.

Polypropylene food storage containers

Known as poly square containers or poly round containers, the polypropylene range of food storage containers are available in square and round formats. Helping to save on storage space these tough and durable plastic containers provide adequate content visibility as well as a high chemical resistance. Perfect for the storage of dry food stuffs and dry ingredients such as spices, nuts, grains, sugars, dried fruit and cereals the polypropylene food containers can be supplied with green, red or blue lids to provide some assistance with colour coding. Clearly marked gradulations are detailed on the outside of each container in a matching colour to the proposed lids allowing the polypropylene food storage containers to assist with stock and product management.

Polyethylene food storage containers

Incredibly tough and durable the polyethylene food containers the polyethylene range is impact resistant, stain and chemical resistant making the plastic containers an ideal choice for storing perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables, moist ingredients and acidic foods. The polyethylene food storage containers are available in both rounded and square formats and each container displays a clear coloured graduation on its outside to clearly show measurements of contents.

Food Grade Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls, ingredient bins and storage containers are ideal solutions for storing and preserving food produce and food ingredients as well as saving space. Our food grade mixing bowls are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and are often used for mixing and handling applications for foods and ingredients within butchers, bakeries, meat processors, food factories, commercial kitchens and restaurants just to name a few.

Mixing Bowls

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a range of mixing bowls designed for mixing bulk amounts of ingredients. Rotationally moulded, the plastic mixing bowls consist of single one-piece mouldings that are incredibly strong and durable. Available from stock in a wide range of colours these food grade mixing bowls offer a hygienic and easily cleaned storage and handling solution for food preparation areas. Within butcheries these mixing bowls are often used for mixing sausage meats with herbs and spices.

Available in 2 sizes, our large plastic mixing bowls include the rotoXB19 and the rotoXB24. Offering large capacities these mixing bowls are perfect for storing and mixing batches of food products. To assist in the handling of the food grade mixing bowls and to offer a better working height we also produce a mobile stand designed to handle the plastic bowls. The rotoXB24STSS is a mobile stainless steel stand that can hold the plastic mixing bowls and prevents the need for the operator to stoop when mixing food ingredients.

Food grade plastic bins

Our plastic stacking bins also make ideal mixing bowls and ingredient bins. Perfect for food handling and ingredient storage these food grade containers help to save on storage space with their ability to inter stack. No matter the size of the food grade plastic bins, each model has an identical base diameter that allows them to inter work throughout the range as well as being compatible with the stacking bin dollies.

Sieve Units

From plastic sieves to bakery sieves, Fletcher European Containers stock and supply a wide variety of sieving units to provide some simple sieving solutions to food factories, bakeries, commercial kitchens and many more food related environments. Ideal for the bakery industry our sieves can be manufactured to standard or bespoke sizes and cater for a wide range of different requirements. Prover pockets are available to suit standard Baker Perkins provers to help bakeries and food factories to shape and prove their dough mixtures.

To assist with sieving applications we can produce bespoke sieves to suit a wide range of plastic containers, ingredient bins or tapered trucks. If you would like further information on sieves and sieving units please feel free to contact our expert sales team.

Plastic Buckets & Pails with Lids

From the V25 which is 2.5 litre capacity plastic container up to the V600 which has a capacity of 60 litres, Fletcher European Containers supply a huge range of plastic buckets, plastic pails and plastic containers with airtight lids. Helping to preserve the quality of your food and improve its lifespan, these airtight plastic containers prove to keep air and moisture from affecting food produce and food ingredients. Perfect for storing dry foods as well as liquids such as sauces, these airtight plastic containers are supplied complete with a lid and an attached handle.

Providing an unsurmountable level of airtight protection the food grade plastic containers are used throughout the catering and food manufacturing industries. Adhering to HACCP regulations and standards with regards to food handling these plastic food containers can be easily cleaned and reused. Easily opened and closed these plastic airtight containers exhibit an exceptional sealing system designed to preserve their contents.

Our plastic buckets and plastic pails are all manufactured from food grade material and are well suited for use as food storage containers. The hygiene buckets are an ideal means for handling liquids, measuring out chemicals or for performing everyday janitorial tasks whilst adhering to hygiene regimes. Our colour coded plastic buckets are available in a wide range of colours to suit colour coding practices and they can also be supplied with or without a lid.

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel tables and stainless steel workstations are ideal for high care environments such as commercial kitchens, food factories and food preparations areas. Allowing you to create a high quality food preparation area our stainless steel tables offer an incredibly durable and hygienic solution that can be tailored to suit your own requirements. Available in a wide range of different sizes and configurations our stainless steel kitchen tables can help create practical working areas and table runs for any food storage and food preparation area.

Helping to protect against splash backs all of our stainless steel tables can be produced with upstands. Perfect for industrial environments such as food factories or industrial bakery plants this stainless steel equipment can help to keep walls stain-free within preparation areas. Easily customisable to suit your individual requirements the kitchen tables can be fitted with castors and additional shelving. Standard specifications as well as bespoke stainless steel tables can be produced to meet the ever changing requirements of the food and catering industry.

Labels & Labelling Facility

To assist you with product identification, product separation and general housekeeping applications Fletcher European Containers offers a bespoke labelling facility for all of our ingredient storage equipment. From mobile ingredient bins, ingredient dispensers and plastic inter stacking bins to tapered trucks and ingredient storage trolleys; we can produce labels to suit a wide range of equipment.

Our labelling facility includes adhesive acrylic labels, dry wipe labels and mould-in graphics, providing you with a range of options for ensuring products are clearly labelled and helping to prevent cross contamination. Contact us today with your requirements for labelling and our sales team will develop a proof for you to approve. Upon completion you can easily and efficiently label your ingredient storage containers and food grade plastic tubs to clearly state display their contents.

Ingredient Storage Trolleys

Bulk ingredient storage is important within industries such as food manufacturing and food processing, catering and the bakery industry especially. Fletcher European Containers manufacture a range of plastic containers ideal for the handling and storage of food ingredients and food produce. To compliment the range of food handling containers and food storage bins we also supply standard sized ingredient storage trolleys. These durable stainless steel mobile frames are available in several different designs, catering for a variety of different food ingredient storage bins, ingredient dispensers and food grade tubs. We can also manufacture these stainless steel racks and trolleys to bespoke specifications if required.

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