Food Storage Containers

Food Storage Containers

Fletcher European Containers supply a wide range of commercial food storage containers and ingredient storage containers for use within the food manufacturing and catering and hospitality industries. Within our range of food storage containers, perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, food factories, food preparation areas and many other food handling environments; we display a variety of round and square containers ideal for dry food storage, ingredient handling and storage of sauces, liquids and food stuffs.

With a comprehensive range of polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethylene food storage containers available, you are sure to find the ideal plastic containers to suit your requirements. Each type of food storage container is available in a variety of different sizes in either rounded or square shaped options. All of our dry food containers and ingredient containers are available with or without a snap-on plastic lid and the polycarbonate food storage containers can also be supplied with sealable lids on request.

Tough and durable, each of the different types of food containers are designed to offer secure storage for your dry food stuffs, sauces, perishables and ingredients. Each size, shape and type includes graduated markings on the plastic container to help provide measurements of contents at a glance. Our polypropylene square food containers are available with colour coded lids to assist with product separation and identification.


Available in square or round formats our polycarbonate food containers are incredibly robust, virtually unbreakable. The clear polycarbonate material provides ease of product visibility ideal for at a glance inventory management and stock taking. Perfect for the storage of high risk foods, sauces, hot and cold foods and highly perishable goods, these food storage tubs not only help to preserve the quality and lifespan of your ingredients and food stuffs, but also help to save on essential storage space.


Polypropylene food containers are available in either poly square containers or poly round containers. The translucent plastic material provides some content visibility and a high chemical resistance. Perfect for the storage and handling of dry food stuffs, dry ingredients, spices, nuts and cereals, grains and mixed fruit, these dry food containers offer a level of colour coding and organisation to assist with product management. 


Our polyethylene food storage containers are available in either round or square shape options. Manufactured from tough and durable, impact resistant, stain and chemical resistant material, these dry food containers are an economical storage solution. Perfect for storing perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables, moist ingredients and acidic foods, these durable polyethylene storage containers provide a long lasting food storage solution.

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