Hygibox Stacking Container 600x400x245mm - HYGIBOX

Hygibox Stacking Container 600x400x245mm - HYGIBOX

  • External dimensions: 600 X 400 X 245mm (L x W x H)
  • Quantity that will fill a full pallet space: 40
  • Dolly Code: rotoXD91
  • Volume capacity: 45 Litres
  • Internal dimensions: 555 x 360 x 234mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Polyethylene (MDPE)
  • Food grade: Yes
£32.40 £27.00

Hygibox Stacking Container 600 x 400 x 245mm. The HYGIBOX is a plastic stacking container with a standard European footprint of 600x400mm. The HYGIBOX range are heavy duty plastic boxes exclusive to Fletcher European. These plastic containers are a product that we have designed and engineered to provide the food manufacturing and food processing industries with a long lasting, durable, hygienic plastic container that they can rely on for handling and storing food ingredients.

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene the HYGIBOX is a plastic container produced via a stress-free rotational moulding process. This manufacturing process helps to produce a Euro stacking container that is incredibly strong and durable, less likely to crack or break than standard injection moulded Euro containers. Also, whereas standard Euro stacking containers suffer from plastic degradation, flaking or swarfing, the HYGIBOX eliminates this risk. With the risk of swarf (flakes of plastic) eliminated, this Euro box ensures that contamination from foreign bodies resulting in product recalls is less likely to occur.

Incredibly hygienic, this plastic stacking container is compatible with our rotoXD91 plastic Euro dolly. For double plastic dollies, handling up to 2 stacks of Euro stacking boxes, why not try our rotoXD54? The plastic dollies are perfectly designed to handle plastic stacking boxes with a footprint of 600x400mm. This plastic stacking container can be produced in a wide selection of different colours including natural/white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, brown, dark yellow, light green and pink.

For further information on the HYGIBOX colour coded plastic containers please download the attached PDF specification, contact our sales team or continue reading below...

The HYGIBOX is a European sized stackable container manufactured from food grade polyethylene and is perfect for use within food-contact or hygiene sensitive environments. Ideal for storing and handling food ingredients and food produce these colour coded plastic containers have been designed and engineered for the food industry, particularly for food manufacturing and food processing. Incorporating a standard 600 x 400mm Euro-sized footprint these plastic stacking containers offer an inter-stackable solution that surpasses other Euro stacking containers in terms of strength, durability and hygiene. Whereas standard European plastic stackable crates are injection moulded, the HYGIBOX is produced via rotational moulding, ensuring an incredibly robust plastic stacking container. The stress-free moulding process results in a food ingredient storage container that is extremely unlikely to break or crack under normal conditions. This durability is also what helps to make the HYGIBOX the must have plastic box for food-contact applications. Over time standard injection moulded Euro stacking boxes begin to degrade, they become weak and can crack or break and they also begin to develop a swarf (flaking of plastic). The HYGIBOX's construction eliminates the risk of swarf (flaking) therefore helping to reduce the risk of contamination of products and ingredients that in turn results in product recalls becoming less likely to occur.

Emphasising a distinct lack of dirt traps and structural weak points, the HYGIBOX is designed to be incredibly durable and able to cope with the rigors of repetitive use within the demanding food industry. It’s seamless and smooth construction also makes it easy to clean and maintain, extending its lifespan and reducing the need for replacement. Available in bulk, the Hygibox stacking container can be produced in an array of different colours, enabling you to install them into already installed colour coded practises. There are also no large minimum order quantities when it comes to different colours, so you can rest assured that even if your requirement is small, we will still be able to meet your requirements. These hygienic plastic stacking containers can also be modified if needed, allowing for perforated bases where airflow or drainage is essential and we can include tag slots to help with product identification also. Heavy duty plastic lids can be supplied for the HYGIBOX, allowing them to continue to stack even with lids in place and the HYGIBOX Euro stacking containers are also compatible with our plastic Euro dollies (skates) rotoXD91 and rotoXD54 for handling up to 2 stacks of plastic stackable boxes.

Why buy Hygibox Stacking Container 600 x 400 x 245mm?

  • Durable Euro stacking container - The HYGIBOX has a Euro standard size footprint enabling it to not only stack on top of one another but also utilise all of the available space on a Euro sized plastic pallet. The ability to stack makes these hygienic plastic stackable boxes perfect for when space is at a premium as they can be stacked up even with their lids on to save on storage space. The HYGIBOX is rotationally moulded to ensure an incredibly durable colour coded plastic container that is long lasting and reliable.
  • Eliminates risk of flaking (swarf) - Manufactured via rotational moulding, the HYGIBOX plastic containers are made from incredibly strong and durable polyethylene. The stress-free moulding process used to manufacture the plastic stacking containers ensures that the HYGIBOX is extremely unlikely to break or crack under normal conditions unlike standard injection moulded Euro stackable boxes. The HYGIBOX also eliminates the risk of flaking or swarf, where tiny flakes of plastic contaminate the containers contents. Whereas standard injection moulded plastic crates degrade over time and create swarf (flakes) the HYGIBOX does not and therefore product contamination resulting in product recalls is much less likely to occur.
  • Colour coded plastic containers - The HYGIBOX hygienic plastic boxes are available in a wide range of different colours to assist with colour coding. Ideal for food-contact or hygiene sensitive environments such as within food manufacturing, food processing or pharmaceutical industries, the HYGIBOX plastic stacking trays are available from stock in red, blue, green, yellow, natural/white, orange, purple, pink, brown, black, light green and dark yellow. If you require a different colour than those listed, make sure to contact our expert sales team who will be happy to help with your requirements.
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