Bakery Trolley - RM15SS

Bakery Trolley - RM15SS

  • External dimensions: 800 x 500 x 1900mm (L x W x H) Approx.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Food grade: Yes
£354.00 £295.00

Stainless Steel Bakery Trolleys - RM15SS. Often referred to as bakery racks, these bakery trolleys hold up to 15 of our confectionery trays with a height of 92mm. The confectionery trays including models 30183A, 30183B and 30183C can be securely and hygienically stored in these bakery trolleys. These stainless bakery trolleys can be modified and supplied to bepoke specifications if required including double bays, braked castors, half height with chopping board top and with or without a back support bar.

Ideal for use within food-contact environments such as food factories or bakeries these stainless steel bakery racks are highly manoeuvrable and offer the perfect solution for storing confectionery trays and bakery trays off of the floor. Easily operated, the bakery trolleys are equipped with hard wearing castors and are suitable for use within demanding industries such as food manufacturing and catering. The stainless steel bakery trolleys are also supplied as standard with a back support bar, preventing the confectionery trays from sliding out the opposite side.

Designed to suit the 30183A, 30183B and 30183C confectionery trays these stainless steel bakery trolleys are perfect for bakeries and commercial kitchens alike. For further information on these durable confectionery tray racks, please continue reading below...

Bakery trolleys & confectionery trays

A stainless steel mobile bakery rack designed to hold 15 confectionary trays, our code 30183A, 30183B or 30183C. Made from high quality stainless steel these bakery trolleys are an ideal way to transport and store baked goods and confectionary products.

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