Confectionery Tray - 762 x 457 x 92 mm – 30183B

Confectionery Tray - 762 x 457 x 92 mm – 30183B

  • External dimensions: 762 x 457 x 92 mm (L x W x H )
  • Pallet quantity: 66
  • Dolly Code: rotoXD38
  • Volume capacity: 22 Litres
  • Internal dimensions: 715 x 412 x 72mm (L x W x H)
  • Model Reference: RB318316 / 9743006000
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Food grade: Yes
£13.80 £11.50

The 30183B confectionery tray has a capacity of 22 litres. The 30183B is a food grade, stackable, confectionery tray with a semi ventilated base and sides. Originally developed for use within bakeries and industrial bakery plants, the bakery tray is now used throughout many industries including food processing and food manufacturing, catering and hospitality and retail for the storage and handling of bakery products, baked goods and confectionery products.

The confectionery tray is manufactured from food grade polypropylene and provides a plastic stacking tray that is well suited for food handling applications. The semi perforated base and sides allowing increased airflow to the contents of the tray, helping to speed up cooling times. Available with or without a plastic lid, the 30183B incorporates a cross-stack feature that allows it to inter-stack with other models within the confectionery tray range.

The 30183B confectionery tray is available straight from stock in white. A popular choice for industrial bakery plants, food factories and commercial bakeries, the bakery tray is compatible with our rotoXD38 plastic dolly and our rotoXD36 plastic dolly. To view our complete range of confectionery trays, simply click here.

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