Wheelie Bin 1100 Litre - CR1100GB

Wheelie Bin 1100 Litre - CR1100GB

  • External dimensions: 1080 x 1360 x 1470mm (L x W x H )
  • Material: Plastic (HDPE)
  • Food grade: No
£348.00 £290.00

Wheelie Bin 1100 Litre - CR1100GB. Available with either a flat top or a roll top, these wheelie bins offer a high capacity waste collection solution, cost efficiency and extreme durability for large scale users that generate a lot of waste and recycling. The CR1100GB is an 1100 litre capacity wheelie bin that is manufactured using a high density polyethylene plastic material. The waste collection bin is proven to be resistant to bending, denting, scratching and weathering, offering an outdoor waste management solution for huge amounts of waste. Compatible with standard lifting systems the CR1100GB incorporates a reinforced high strength front comb that precisely interlocks with automated lifting systems and equipment. Like our 660 litre wheelie bins, the CR1100GB can be retro-fitted with trunnions and fork lift pockets to aid in the handling and emptying of the waste bins.

Fletcher European offer a complete range of wheelie bins in many sizes and colours. From 80 litre capacity bins up to 1100 litre wheelie bins we provide ample choice to meet your individual requirements. For more information on the CR1100GB wheelie bins, feel free to continue reading below...

Designed for large scale waste and recycling collection, the CR1100GB wheelie bins are ideal for factories, warehouses, multi-tenantable premises and office blocks. Providing an 1100 litre capacity, the CR1100GB waste bins are manufactured using a high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and are incredibly durable and robust. Available with either roll top lids or flat top lids, the CR1100GB can help with colour coding and waste separation as they are available in a selection of different colour options. Proving to be resistant to scratching, denting, bending and weathering the wheelie bins are well suited for being stored outdoors, coping with the rigours of extreme weather conditions without the risk of degrading. Their hassle-free design allows them to be easily cleaned and maintained as they incorporate smooth surface interiors and rounded corners.

With four solid rubber wheels these 1100 litre wheelie bins have easy to grip handles on both sides to help with handling. Modifications can be made to be bin to help meet individual requirements. These modifications include the addition of trunnions allowing tipping into mechanised compactors, fork lift pockets that allows the wheelie bin to be picked up safely by a fork lift truck and they can also incorporate drop down front doors to help with loading and emptying when automated lifting systems are not available. Weather resistant and abuse-resistant, the CR1100GB wheelie bins offer a long lasting and reliable waste collection receptacle suitable for industrial application.

Why buy Wheelie Bin 1100 Litre - CR1100GB?

  • Upgradable - Available with either a roll top of flat top the CR1100GB can be modified to include several optional extras to help improve the handling and efficiency of the wheelie bin. Upgrades including braked wheels for added stability, trunnions for tipping into mechanical compactors, fork lift pockets for use on fork lift trucks and drop down front doors are among a range of optional extras available.
  • Full printing service available - Not only do we offer these incredibly robust and reliable wheelie bins in a selection of colour options to aid in waste management and separation, we also provide a full printing service. Allowing you to customise the wheelie bins with waste identification or company details, our printing services offer a multitude of possibilities for waste and recycling management. For more information on printing, please feel free to contact our expert sales team.
  • Host of sizes available - Fletcher European offer a wide range of wheelie bins in all shapes and sizes suitable for a host of different domestic and industrial application. From as small as 80 litre capacities up to the larger CR1100GB 1100 litre wheelie bins, there is ample choice for you to find the right waste collection bin to suit your requirements.
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