Wheelie Bin 660 Litre - CR660GB

Wheelie Bin 660 Litre - CR660GB

  • External dimensions: 770 x 1360 x 1170mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Plastic (HDPE)
  • Food grade: No
£288.00 £240.00

Wheelie Bin 660 Litre - CR660GB. Complimented by a multitude of quality design features, the CR660GB wheelie bin has a capacity of 660 litres and is manufactured from a high density polyethylene plastic material. A popular choice for medium to large businesses or multi-tenanted buildings that generate large amount of waste the 660 litre wheelie bins are extremely durable. Incorporating rounded corners and an easy to clean smooth surfaced interior, the CR660GB is housed on four solid rubber wheels and can be easily manoeuvred. Equipped with a high strength front comb for locking onto automated lifting equipment these wheelie bins prove to be resistant to scratching, denting, bending and extreme weathering.

Fletcher European offer a wide range of wheelie bins all of which are available in a number of different colour options. From 80 litres up to a huge 1100 litre capacity wheelie bin, you are sure to find the right waste collection bin to suit your needs. For more information on the CR660GB please continue reading below...

High durable and incredibly robust, the 660 litre wheelie bins are ideal for factories, warehouses, multi-tenantable premises and mid to large sized businesses that generate a large amount of waste. Produced from a high density polyethylene plastic, the CR660GB can withstand the rigours of industrial use standing up to extreme temperatures, heavy loading and general knocks and bumps. Injection moulded, the wheelie bin consists of a single one-piece construction helping to increase its structural strength and stability, preventing any chance of cracking or splitting. The CR660GB has a hard wearing hinged plastic lid but can also be modified to include a front drop down door.

Sitting on four solid rubber wheels with corrosion resistant axles, the CR660GB is designed for outdoor use. Resistant to bending, denting, scratching and weathering, the large wheelie bin can cope with sunlight as well as freezing temperatures without risk of degrading. Easy to clean, the industry standard design provides rounded corners and a smooth surfaced interior. The CR660GB waste bins are equipped with a high strength reinforced front comb to allow them to be efficiently lifted using automated lifting equipment but they can also be modified to include trunnions for lifting and tipping into mechanised compactors as well as fork lift pockets, enabling them to be lifted by fork lift trucks.

Why buy Wheelie Bin 660 Litre - CR660GB?

  • Range of colours - Available in a range of colour options the CR660GB wheelie bins can be used to help separate different types of waste and recycling as well as sticking to colour coded requirements. Along with numerous colour options we can also offer printing or labels for wheelie bins to help with identification of waste and improve waste management. For more information of labelling please contact our dedicated sales team.
  • Optional extras - The 660 litre wheelie bins can be modified to offer an individual waste management solution for businesses and multi-tenantable premises alike. Drop down front doors, braked wheels, trunnions and fork lift pockets are among a few of the optional extras that can be used to assist you in the collection of waste and recycling.
  • Easy maintenance design - Designed to be easily cleaned and maintained the CR660GB incorporates a smooth surfaced interior and rounded corners to make cleaning the waste bin an effortless task. Scratch, bending, denting and weathering resistant high density plastic construction helps the wheelie bin to cope with the rigours of outdoor use and extreme weather conditions.
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