Hygibox Stacking Container 400x300x235mm - HYGIBOX40

Hygibox Stacking Container 400x300x235mm - HYGIBOX40

  • External dimensions: 400 x 300 x 235mm (L x W x H)
  • Quantity that will fill a full pallet space: 80
  • Dolly Code: rotoXD91
  • Volume capacity: 20 Litres
  • Material: Polyethylene (MDPE)
  • Food grade: Yes
£19.20 £16.00

Hygibox Stacking Container 400 x 300 x 235mm. The HYGIBOX40 is a Euro stacking container with a European sized footprint of 400x300mm. Exclusive to Fletcher European the HYGIBOX40 plastic stacking container is ideal for use within high care environments such as within the food manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene the HYGIBOX40 is a plastic stacking tray perfect for handling and storing food ingredients and food produce. Produced using a rotational moulding process this plastic stacking container is incredibly strong and durable and unlikely to crack or break under normal conditions. This impeccable durability is what makes the HYGIBOX range stand out Euro stacking boxes as they will outlast any injection moulded equivalent. Over time and through use, standard injection moulded plastic containers weaken and degrade. This degradation often results in the formation of swarf (flaking of plastic) which can contaminate food products and therefore the Euro containers have to be replaced on a regular basis. The HYGIBOX range of plastic stacking containers eliminate the risk of swarf (flaking) due to their stress-free production process and offer a hygienic solution that not only reduces the risk of contamination but also helps prevent the need for product recalls.

The European sized footprint of the HYGIBOX40 enables this plastic stacking container to be compatible with plastic Euro pallets as well as our plastic Euro dollies. The rotoXD91 is a 600x400 dolly that can handle two stacks of HYGIBOX40 side by side, safely and securely transporting the Euro stacking containers about a busy workplace. This plastic stacking container is available in a multitude of different colours including red, blue, yellow, green, natural/white, purple, orange, brown, black, dark yellow, light green and pink.

For further information on this Euro box please download the attached PDF specification, contact our sales team or continue reading below...

Rotationally moulded in our factory here in the UK, the HYGIBOX40 hygienic plastic stacking container is designed to offer an exemplary storage container that is perfect for use within the food manufacturing industry. Moulded using a single one-piece mould, the Hygibox harnesses an incredibly durable construction that is both seamless and smooth. These smooth edges allow the stacking box to be easy cleaned, it’s lack of sharp corners or crevices means that there is nowhere for dirt to hide, emphasising its hygienic properties.

This Hygibox stacking container is one of a variety of sizes that we have to offer within our Hygibox range. The stacking containers are all stackable and many of them share the same standard footprint, allowing them to be inter-stacked. Proving to have an exemplary heavy duty construction and notably hygienic design, the Hygibox range is exclusive to Fletcher European, so you will not find this quality anywhere else on the market.

Why buy Hygibox Stacking Container 400 x 300 x 235mm?

  • Available in bulk – The HYGIBOX40 can be produced in huge numbers at very competitive prices if you have a bulk requirement. Simply call us today for a personalised quotation, we are always happy to help.
  • Huge selection of colours – The Hygibox range of hygienic stacking containers can be produced in practically any colour. This allows their installation into colour coded practices with ease and there are no large minimum order quantities for different colours.
  • Exclusive product – The Hygibox hygienic stacking container is only available from ourselves. We pride ourselves on the outstanding ingenuity of these incredible food grade plastic containers so you can be assured that you will be purchasing a quality long lasting storage solution.
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